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Entering his freshman season at Memphis, James Wiseman is the most hyped prospect of this class. Poised to be a top draft pick, his unique athletic abilities alone make him an interesting player. The fact that he is over 7 ft tall and can shoot the ball consistently from beyond the arc makes him a surefire top 5 pick in next year’s NBA Draft. Throughout his high school career he has been given the nickname “unicorn” because of his style of play and athletic ability. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a unicorn as “something unusual, rare, or unique”. It is obvious that Wiseman is a special player and is next up in line to be a star. He joins a loaded Memphis team that includes two 5 stars and five 4 stars in the 2019 class. Current Memphis teammates have raved about how Wiseman has performed in the first few practices and even surpassed many of their expectations. With Wiseman most likely leaving after his freshman year, he will have to make the most of his opportunity with this Memphis squad next season.

Player Analysis

James Wiseman is a versatile 7’1 Center who possesses smooth passing skills and explosive dunks. With his size and length he blocks his opponents with ease near the basket. There is not much to dislike about his game. His play on the court elevates his teammates to play at a higher level. He has excellent court vision especially in transition and feeds the ball well to the open man. His game fits the perfect mold for what NBA teams are looking for in a player. His ability to stretch the floor on and off the ball will make it difficult for opponents to game plan against him. If Wiseman can continue to add weight to his frame he will be nearly unstoppable against NBA opponents.

Pro Comp: Chris Bosh

Wiseman has been compared to many great players but his game most resembles Chris Bosh. When asked about who he imitates he talks about Kevin Garnet and Bosh but likes to remind people that he is his own player on his own path. While Wiseman is a great player he has great expectations to fulfill with being compared to greats such as Bosh. Both stand around 7ft tall and shoot the ball well. Wiseman’s smooth playmaking ability reminds many of Bosh’s glory days. While Wiseman’s game is similar to Bosh he must improve his post game near the basket to fully encompass the comparison. Bosh is an 11 time all star and 2 time NBA champion. Obviously Wiseman has a long way to go, but he is certainly on the right track to attaining at least of few of these accolades.

The Skinny

The 7’1 phenom, James Wiseman, is a baller. His versatility creates nightmares for opponents as he can stretch the floor with his shooting ability and his dominating presence in the paint. It is obvious he will be a top pick in next year’s NBA Draft. His talents translate perfectly into the current NBA mold and he will be an instant impact starter on whichever teams picks him. Look for him to be atop of the college basketball world in a year and on top of the NBA world in a few more.

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